Adaptogen Drinks for that Extra Energy Boost

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Have you heard about adaptogen drinks? Learn more about the history and benefits of it here.

Adaptogen drinks have been on the market for a while; it’s a favorite amongst people who need a little pick-me-up on the go. What’s not to like — adaptogens are non-toxic stress-balancing goodness-filled substances that taste refreshing in a cold drink.

Adaptogens have been in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for centuries but are gaining a ton of traction in wellness practices these days. The most common one is Ashwagandha, a medicinal herb found in parts of India, the Middle East, and Africa. Studies suggest that it helps with anxiety, inflammation, stress, and a multitude of other conditions.

Adaptogens are generally available in pill forms, but if it’s too much to add to your supplement diet — go for adaptogenic drinks to get an instant energy boost.

Let’s look at a brief history of Adaptogens and their benefits. Read on.

What Are Adaptogens?
Adaptogens are non-toxic herbal plant extracts derived from nature and marketed as physical and mental stress relievers. These herbs and roots resist stressors of all kinds and help maintain homeostasis (balance).

Here’s a classification of different stressors:

  • External stressors: environmental factors
  • Internal stressors: biological factors such as an injury
  • Chemical stressors: tobacco, drugs, or alcohol
  • Physical stressors: chronic lack of sleep
  • Daily Living stressors: activities that induce stress, such as driving

Adaptogens can promote energy boosts, concentration, and improved performance. Adaptogens have anti-aging properties as well. They have a more holistic approach compared to western medicine that shows results quickly but depletes quickly too.

Your internal systems can build resilience and immunity by consuming Adaptogens over time.

Some great examples of Adaptogens are Ashwagandha, Siberian ginseng, holy basil, maca root, cordyceps(mushrooms), wild yam, licorice, Rhodiola Rosea, and so on.

Are Adaptogens Safe and Effective?
Adaptogens are considered safer however, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional before jumping on the bandwagon. In addition, herbs can affect the hormones, which is why pregnant women should refrain from consumption.

The medicinal anti-stress herbs do not work instantly. It takes a couple of weeks to notice the results. There are undoubtedly significant and beneficial aspects of consuming Adaptogens which are backed by a few studies. Not only is it practical for tackling stress under fatigue, but it enhances cognitive function and mood.

Some Benefits of Adaptogens
Here are some of the advantages of intaking Adaptogens in the form of supplements.

  • Improves energy and attention
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhance immunity
  • Helps with inflammation and soreness
  • Provides a healthy sleep cycle
  • Tackles fatigue
  • Balances hormone levels

Adaptogen Supplements
Are you looking for the most suitable energy drinks packed with the goodness of Adaptogens? Try the LiveAmaz organic tea made with zero sugars, zero calories, is gluten-free, and consists of yerba mate and healthy Adaptogens! These caffeine-packed energy drinks come in three flavors: lemon ginger, peach mango, and acai berry.

Remember Adaptogens will not eliminate stress, it works like a shield in your body to ward off fatigue and stress. It’s a way to promote healthy aging. The choice is yours whether you want to consume Adaptogens in powder form, capsule form, or a pre-packaged drink.

The key is to stay consistent for 3-4 weeks to feel stronger and less anxious. An occasional dash of adaptogenic powder won’t do much in terms of health promotion.