Are Natural Energy Drinks Better for Our Brains?

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Health and Nutrition | 0 comments

We all have those moments during the day when we need an energy boost. Whether it’s to wake us up in the morning or to help get us through a long day at work, energy drinks have been there to help. But as we learn more about the dangers of non-natural energy drinks, many people have been turning to natural varieties to get the energy they need.

Natural energy drinks can offer several benefits, including increased energy and more. But are they better for our brains? Today, we look at the possible impacts of natural energy drinks on brain health and functioning, and why one particular natural energy drink may be the right choice for getting natural and healthy energy boosts.

Natural, Whole Ingredients

In the same way that “refined flour” removes the holistic nutrients and important compounds from natural flour, much of the caffeine and sugar found in energy shots and non-natural energy drinks is also devoid of important ingredients. In fact, much of the non-natural drinks are created wholly within labs. Even when they contain the same amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee, the way it hits the body is completely different, leading to increased energy but many immediate side effects, such as headaches, insomnia, irritability, increased blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Natural energy drinks, by contrast, use organically derived ingredients that include these important compounds. The compounds not only help your body process the caffeine and natural sugars easier, they also have reduced side effects compared to non-natural energy drinks. That means longer-lasting energy that offers your body more holistic ingredients.

Increased Alertness and Mental Functioning

While the impact of natural energy drinks on brain health is still being studied, we can see its impact on brain function quite easily. In fact, natural energy drinks like yerba mate and matcha tea offer increased awareness, improved memory, higher attention levels and alertness.

A Possible Key in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease
Did you know that people who ingest caffeine from natural sources can be at a significantly reduced risk for Alzheimer’s Disease? One study has shown a positive connection between the two. And while more study needs to be conducted, it appears that getting a regular intake of caffeine from natural sources like natural energy drinks could help our memory and retention over time.

The Power of Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a South American root that has been used to make a delicious and nutritious tea for centuries. Originally found in Argentina and deep in the Amazon Rainforest, it has since become one of the most popular drinks on the continent. In fact, yerba mate is consumed more than coffee in some South American countries.

Besides natural sugars and caffeine levels higher than your average cup of coffee, yerba mate also contains two important ingredients linked to brain health: EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and L-theanine.

EGCG has been linked to improved memory and increased attention, making it perfect for getting down to work. L-theanine has been linked to helping form new neurotransmitters in the brain that can improve attention, memory recall, learning and better moods.

Since its discovery, yerba mate has offered nutritious energy boosts to people across the globe. Today, you can enjoy it in the traditional way, with a gourd and metal straw, or in delicious smoothies and as natural energy drinks. Packed with the power of adaptogens, holistic and natural caffeine and sugars, and important ingredients like EGCG and l-theanine, this natural drink can help improve your energy levels, and may be good for your brain.

As the world turns to more naturally derived energy drinks for much-needed energy during the day, it’s important to look at their possible impacts on our brain health and functioning. Many non-natural energy drinks claim they are the best way to get energy, but research is starting to show that natural varieties can give our brains the energy it needs to stay alert, keep us focused and give us longer-lasting, healthier energy. Yerba mate can help us get the energy we need with a lot of added benefits, such as improved memory and improved mood. Whatever your choice, natural energy drinks with yerba mate may be the answer to helping you keep your energy up all day long.