Gisele Bündchen, ISA and Xingu Seeds Network will plant 40 thousand trees in the Amazon.

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Seed collector Maria Luiza treating the Jatobá seeds. Créditos: Tui Anandi / ISA


Longtime partners, Gisele Bündchen, ISA, and the Xingu Seeds Network have teamed up to plant at least 40,000 trees in the Amazon.

The supermodel and UN ambassador for the environment started the initiative “Viva a Vida” to celebrate her 40th birthday.

“My relationship with Xingu started in 2004 when I visited an indigenous village for the first time because I wanted to understand how those communities lived. It was at that moment that I saw closely the problems they were facing due to deforestation and river pollution and felt that I needed to do something to help. Since then, I have been working on causes for nature preservation, ” says Gisele.

Planting the trees will be carried out by ISA and the Xingu Seeds Network in the region of the Xingu and Araguaia basins. The seed collection process is done by indigenous people, family farmers, and urban collectors, mostly women. There are over 568 people with deep knowledge of the forest who carry out the collection and preparing of the seeds, while also being able to guarantee a source of income.

Go to the Viva a Vida website to participate in the cause and help plant a better future.

Today, the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate emergency shows that doing more is needed. It’s necessary to replant our forests, protect our rivers and, thus, return quality water for planting, harvesting, drinking, and health.

Together, with hope.

Rodrigo Junqueira

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2% percent of all Amaz sales go to the Xingu Seeds Network, a non-profit organization that promotes reforestation and agroforestry within the Brazilian Amazon. It is a social, ecological and community movement that collects tree seeds, and redistributes them to replant deforested areas of the Xingu River basin, bringing new agroforestry technologies to areas in need.

Xingu Seeds Network emerged from an initiative of the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), a non-profit Brazilian civil society organization, founded in 1994, to promote integrated and inclusive solutions to social and environmental issues. ISA believes in the defense of social, collective and diffuse environmental and social rights & resources, cultural heritage, and human rights.