Live Amaz is an idea. What if the magic of the rainforest can restore more than just our bodies, but the ecosystem itself?



Our initiative is part of a larger global movement built around a revolutionary farming technology, agroforestry.


And our goal is to help transform the way that we relate to the Amazon through environmental partnerships and the life-giving powers of superplants. That is why the superplants for our nutrient rich life-giving elixirs are harvested through agroforestry systems.







Superplants get their name from their natural revitalizing properties. They can build-up our immunity, replenish our tired cells, bring us calm & relaxation, and give us healthy energy when we feel drained and run down, but that is not all. They’re also revered as magical by indigenous cultures of the Brazilian Amazon.




Beyond health and healing, superplants are also thought by many to contain wisdom. Yes, wisdom, that most elusive characteristic at the heart of all of our endeavours.





So, if we listen to the wisdom contained in these traditional superplants, if we open ourselves up, even just a little, to the cultural and environmental systems that produce them, then maybe, just maybe, we might be able to heal more than ourselves.