The Psychitecture method radiates the deeper psychologies at play behind our subject’s true driving needs and desires to bring light into art, design, and lifestyle projects.

At Ray Art and Design, we use the Psychitecture method to unearth an art collector’s true passion, merge couples’ vision in crating a dream home, interpret a script to create the vision and design for a film set, attract guests to premiere hotels, and actualize a spa’s purpose of ultimate relaxation. 

Through highly specialized research, we professionally reveal the psychology behind the purpose of each project, infusing authentic rays into meaningful end results.

DWELL Magazine Featured Psychitect

Rachel Melvald

The Psychitect Is In:

How One Therapist Helps Couples Tackle Design Projects Together

Meet Rachel Melvald, a psychotherapist who uses her background in psychology and design to resolve issues between couples who are in the throes of a high-stress project.

If you’ve ever embarked on a design project, whether it be selecting a new sofa to a massive gut renovation, you probably know how stressful, confusing, and mentally exhausting the experience can be. Enter the “psychitect”: Rachel Melvald, a licensed psychotherapist with a background in fine arts, architecture, and psychology who specializes in helping her clients maintain good relationships—both romantic and professional—during the design process.

“Melvald even makes connections between design preferences, like color and material selection, and personal histories and experiences.”

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