Xingu Seed Network brings innovations on environmental suitability to Dinetec 2020

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The organization was present at the fair with the presentation of environmental products and services for the agricultural sector

Among the largest agribusiness events in the Brazilian Midwest and the largest in the Araguaia Valley, Dinetec 2020 (Business and Technology Day) received, among the new exhibitors of this edition, a novelty: the Xingu Seed Network, that for more than 12 years sells native seeds, this year, opens the offer forest restoration services that include diagnosis of the area, implementation with direct sowing and monitoring – offerings that meet the interests of rural producers.


Valter Hiron, commercial representative of the Network, talking to a visitor to the stand during Dinetec 2020. Photo: Tatiane Ribeiro

Of the 116 stands at the event, which took place in Canarana (MT), between January 15th and 17th, and received about 15 thousand visitors, the event is the only one related to the environmental adequacy of rural properties, an important service for regularization of the country’s agricultural sector. 

“Today, many producers have areas on their properties that need environmental regularization. A company that can offer this service, promoting regularization from the point of view of the forest code is very important in this event. Many producers have come to know and became more aware of how to regularize their properties in a more easy and practical way ” , says Alexandre Weirich, from Meta Consultoria Agrícola, organizer of the event.

João Carlos Mendes Pereira technician in forest restoration of the Network in an interview for Interactive TV. Photo: Tatiane Ribeiro

Headquartered in Canarana and operating in municipalities in the Xingu and Araguaia basins, this is the first time that the Network participates in an event in the agricultural sector. For João Carlos Mendes Pereira, the organization’s forest restoration technician, it is important that a local initiative is presented to the people who live where they work, as well as companies interested in investing in the region. “For us it is also an opportunity to show the work that we have developed for over a decade in the region, especially for rural producers who need to make the environmental adaptation of their properties”, he says.

With a focus on the integration of interests that help to recover degraded areas, the Network is betting for 2020 on a more direct relationship with rural producers, in addition to partnerships with companies that carry out the restoration. “There is a significant potential demand for areas that need to be recovered in Brazil as a whole and for the coming years the investment to supply this demand will bring benefits to several sectors”, says Pedro Ferro, analyst at P4F (Partnership for Forests) ), the United Kingdom (UK) program, a partner of the Network.

Challenges and opportunities

Dinetec 2020. Photo: Falcon Filme

However, approaching the environmental and agricultural sectors is still a challenging task. João Carlos believes that it is necessary to have more openness in these events, in addition to the Network being more present in spaces with this public, such as other business fairs, rural union events, discussions, and meetings held by city halls, forums, among others. “Dinetec, for example, is traditionally an event in which participants seek to do business within the agribusiness sector. However, this sector also has needs that the Network can meet, such as the environmental suitability of properties that can be used to promote land clearance and forest restoration that helps to protect and conserve regional water resources ”, points out João.

Valter Hiron, the new commercial representative of the Xingu Seeds Network, evaluates this first step in the event as positive. “We established contacts and were congratulated by producers who recognize the effectiveness of the result of planting trees by direct seeding, which can be a first step in closing projects in the future”, he believes.

The Xingu Seeds Network stand was the only one in the business pavilion on environmental adequacy. Photo: Falcon Film

The next actions point to the possibility of the Network participating in yet another event in the agribusiness sector in Primavera do Leste, in addition to others that will occur throughout the year. “This way, more producers and potential partners will have the chance to learn more about the Xingu Seed Network and contact us to purchase our services and products”, says Valter.

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