About Us

Art & Design meets PSYCHOLOGY

With a career in psychotherapy, art, and design, creator Rachel Melvald, is the only one in her field doing this type of work and has trademarked the methodology and service.


With extensive training in Jungian analytical studies, somatic therapies, and environmental psychology, and art and design, Rachel Melvald took it a step further to work with clients to optimize how they feel in space on a psychological and interpersonal level.


Niche service based upon Rachel Melvald’s unique blend as a trained psychotherapist and designer who studied architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture and interior design at UCLA. She saw the increasing need for support and intervention from couples in real estate buying, designing home, or remodeling to help negotiate design decisions while mediating challenges between architects/designers. The service has not only increased satisfaction with design results but proves to lower costs and avert marriage and partnership dissolution.

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