We believe that we are part of a highly intelligent system.

So instead of depleting resources, what if it’s possible to increase them? Most modern farming clears the land like a parking lot and then covers that land with a single crop.

This works in the short term for producing maximum profits and calorie output, but in the long run it damages the forest system, leaving the land exhausted, exposed, and forever altered.

Agroforestry is different is an emerging agricultural technology with the potential to reshape how we interact with the planet.

Trees, shrubs, and other plants are grown alongside the crops, side by side. This new technology helps keep topsoil intact, nutrients replenished and reduces (and often eliminates) the need for disease control inputs like herbicides and pesticides.

Agroforestry is about encouraging a more integrated social, ecological, and cultural use of the land. Instead of machines and mega-businesses defining how farming is done, agroforestry takes the logic of the forest, and the practices of traditional land-use, and transforms them into live-giving relations with the creatures, people, and communities who work and live upon it. In the Amazon, the lungs of a changing world, it is more important than ever to restore more holistic relations to land.