Regenerate Life

We can’t address climate change and protect the planet if we leave our communities behind. It’s that simple.

Amazon Xingu Seeds Network

Two percent of all Amaz sales go to the Xingu Seeds Network, a non-profit organization that promotes reforestation and agroforestry within the Brazilian Amazon. It is a social, ecological and community movement that collects tree seeds, and redistributes them to help replant deforested areas of the Xingu River basin,
bringing new agroforestry technologies to communities in need.

In doing so, the network provides a livelihood for the indigenous caretakers of the land, and helps create a more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy and ecologically sustainable land-use framework.

As part of this work Xingu Seeds Network has developed forest restoration technologies that reduce the cost, and increase biodiversity and efficiency, of forest restoration compared to prevailing practices.

Each year, tonnes of forest seeds are collected throughout the network, representing countless workers and communities.

The Xingu Seeds Network emerged from an initiative of the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), a non-profit Brazilian civil society organization founded in 1994 to promote integrated and inclusive solutions to social and environmental issues. ISA believes in defending social, collective, and diffuse environmental and social rights and resources, cultural heritage, and human rights.

The Amazon is an essential element of the global climate system and by supporting renewable farming, forest regeneration, carbon reclamation, and local communities, the Xingu Seeds Network is on the frontline of global warming action.

No business can save the planet, but supporting agroforestry might just be the spark that changes everything.