Organic Sparkling Tea

Natural Energy, Focus and Immunity

From The Amazon Rainforest

Proprietary Blend Designed to give you Energy, Focus & Immunity

Yerba Mate

Green tea


Acerola Berry

Suma Root


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AMAZ Flavors Variety 6 Pack Sampler

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Açai Blueberry

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Lemon Ginger

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Peach  Mango

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How We Contribute


We use REGENERATIVE AGROFORESTRY SYSTEMS to source our Yerba Mate, Suma Root, Yanomami Rainforest Mushrooms, MuiraPuama bark, and Guarana ingredients. As we grow, so does our impact in the region.

Profit Sharing

2% OF THE GROSS SALES support the seeding of native forests in the Brazilian Amazon in partnership with Xingu Seeds Network, a non-profit organization that promotes reforestation and agroforestry in the Xingu river basin.

Indigenous Partnership

SUPPORT THE YANOMAMI PEOPLE, recently contacted indigenous groups in the Amazon undergoing tremendous pressure on their way of life. We are proud to partner with the Hutukara Yanomami Association and Origens Brasil® to offer the rainforest mushroom blend with worldwide exclusivity for beverages.

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