Our Proprietary Blend

We used traditional knowledge from people of the rainforest and scientific research to develop a special plant-based blend with energizing and healing properties. Our drinks are powered by adaptogens – compounds that help the body become more resilient against physical and psychological stress.

Energy & Focus

Yerba Mate*:

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, used to boosts energy and improves mental focus.

Green Tea

Enjoyed for its taste and stimulating effect, improve brain function, and metabolism.


Energizing superfood, used to enhance athletic performance and brain-boosting benefits.


Suma Root*:

Also known as the “Brazilian Ginseng,” it is an energizing adaptogen used as a tonic to improve the body’s overall wellbeing.


A blend of native mushrooms from the Amazon rainforest collected and consumed by Yanomami people for their nutritional balance. It was introduced to the market by Hutukara Yanomami Association in partnership with Instituto Socio Ambiental (ISA) and Instituto ATÁ to generate income for indigenous communities. It became extremely popular with world famous chefs and gourmet restaurants for its unique flavors.

Acerola Berry*:

A vitamin and antioxidant powerhouse packed with vitamin C

muira puama*:

Used as a general food tonic and to increase physical performance

*Ingredients from Regenerative Agroforestry Systems 

AMAZ has built a strategic partnership with Origens Brasil, a network that connects businesses to non-governmental organizations and local communities in Brazil to source sustainable ingredients across priority preservation areas in the Amazon region, working together to develop ethical trade, assured origin, transparency, and traceability.
2% of sales goes to support the seeding of native forest in the Brazilian Amazon through a collaboration with “Xingu Seeds Network,” a social, ecological, and community movement that promotes reforestation and agroforestry in the Xingu River basin