4 Pack AMAZ Yerba Mate Original


AMAZ NEW FLAVORS Organic Sparkling Yerba Mate with Super Plants | Healthy functional Boost, Full Flavor, Naturally Sweet | Functional Drink with Adaptogens for Natural Energy, Focus, & Immunity | Plant-based | Low Calorie | Vegan | Pure flavor free from Artificial or Low-Calorie Sweeteners | Naturally Sweetened with Real Juice | 160mg Organic Caffeine | Sustainably Sourced from Regenerative Agroforestry.

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A traditional beverage of Brazil Yerba Mate is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, widely used to boost energy, elevate mood and improve mental focus.

The proprietary Amazon Adaptogens blend includes:

• Yanomami Mushrooms: a blend of native mushrooms from the Amazon rainforest collected and consumed by Yanomami people for their nutritional balance. It was introduced to the market by Hutukara Yanomami Association in partnership with Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) and Instituto ATÁ to generate income for indigenous communities. It became extremely popular with world-famous chefs and gourmet restaurants for its unique flavors.

• Suma Root: the “Brazilian Ginseng,” it is an energizing adaptogen used as a tonic to improve the body’s overall wellbeing.

• Acerola Cherry: a vitamin and antioxidant powerhouse packed with vitamin C.

• Guarana: an energizing superfood, used to enhance athletic performance and brain-boosting. We are on a mission to transform our food production systems bringing organic, natural, and healthy ingredients to consumers and support biodiversity in AMAZON by sourcing our ingredients in Regenerative Agroforestry.

USDA Certified Organic
Zero Calories
Zero Sugar


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List of ingredients AMAZ Original Yerba Mate Functional Drink::
Organic unsmoked yerba mate tea* (carbonated water, organic roasted yerba mate extract, organic green yerba mate extract), organic acerola cherry puree, organic white grape juice concentrate, proprietary amazon adaptogens blend* (organic suma root extract, Yanomami mushrooms powder, marapuama bark extract, organic guarana extract) , organic green tea extract, citric acid, katemfe fruit extract.

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