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The Xingu Seeds Network

About us

In 2007, the Xingu Seed Network was established to supply seeds from native species for ecological restoration in the Upper Xingu region, Southeastern Amazon. Our mission is to produce native seeds for biodiversity conservation with social inclusion and cultural strengthening of the indigenous communities and settler farmers.

Where We Are

The Xingu Seeds Network involves seed collector groups in 19 municipalities of the Xingu’s watershed in the Brazilian Amazon. These groups encompass 14 rural settlements, one extractive reserve, and 6 indigenous ethnicities of the 4 indigenous lands and 11 villages. Moreover, there is a management office based in Canarana city and 4 seed storage houses.

How we work

Seed collectors groups annually plan their seed production annually, considering ecosystem observations to elaborate a ‘potential list’. Meanwhile, the management office establishes partnerships with landowners who need to restore degraded lands. Thus, the relationship between the ‘potential list’ for supplying seed and the market demand establishes the annual seed production.


Our Outcomes

Over one decade, this network has facilitated the production of 175 tonnes of seeds from 200 native species and generated about $750,000 to one million US dollars for 450 seed collectors. Consequently, native seed production for ecological restoration has been successfully harnessed to help diversify household income sources and livelihoods. Moreover, our operating system and institutional model have inspired and spread in different Brazilian regions.

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