AMAZ Expanding into Three More States with Whole Foods Market

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Featured, Press Release | 0 comments

Summary: Following the success of its initial launch, AMAZ continues to expand.

(California, April 13, 2020)— AMAZ, a Santa Monica-based beverage startup built around regenerative agroforestry’s adaptogens and super herbs, is now expanding into Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

AMAZ, who made its debut on the shelves of Whole Foods in Southern California last November and has experienced solid growth across 41 locations, is now expanding into other three states.

As Whole Foods continues to embrace and encourage products that support regenerative agriculture practices, AMAZ was a perfect addition to the shelves, providing an innovative and naturally healthy choice for consumers.

By supporting regenerative agroforestry, the company helps to create a sustainable and diverse farm economy that regenerates degraded lands, reduces deforestation, and mitigates climate change, making this natural beverage company a perfect fit for Whole Food’s sustainability vision. This emerging agricultural technology enables trees, shrubs, and other plants to grow alongside the crops, which helps keep topsoil intact and preserves wildlife habitats.

AMAZ was first introduced to consumers in the summer of 2018 at the Los Angeles-based Erewhon Market, a pioneer of the organic food movement. The proprietary blend of adaptogens, super herbs and superfoods (which includes berries, roots, herbs, and barks) from the Amazon proved to be just what health-focused consumers were looking for.

After expanding into the most influential natural grocery retailers in Southern California, the opportunity to work with Whole Foods Market was an important recognition of the company’s early success.

AMAZ products include:

Tropical Boost: The flagship elixir designed to support the entire body and mind by renewing energy and clarity.

Rainforest Renew: The drink that supports the immune system through a curated blend of adaptogens and herbs.

Floral Relax: The passionflower drink that is a unique blend of Amazonian super herbs that help relax the nervous system, relieve tension, and improve mood.

Since it first launched, AMAZ has received outstanding support from the wellness and artistic community in LA, participating in many events such as at Wisdom LA, Ceremony Meditation, celebrity parties, and agroforestry education sessions.

“The Amazon rainforest is the most promising environment for new food and beverage ingredients with an incredible amount of plants being discovered by its amazing health, nutritional and medicinal properties,” says Gustavo Nader, Co-Founder, and CEO of AMAZ. “Through the harvesting of ingredients used in AMAZ, small farmers and people of the forest can make their living protecting and recovering the forest territory instead of depleting its resources.”

According to Demian Moraru, Co-Founder and CMO of AMAZ, “We believe that we are part of a highly intelligent system, so instead of depleting resources, what if it’s possible to increase them? By supporting agroforestry food production systems, we can improve social well-being, environmental sustainability, and create a positive impact on society.”

The use of AMAZ delivers greater vitality and energy, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, improves focus, and helps the mind reach an optimal flow state. Visit a Whole Foods Market in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada or Hawaii to get AMAZ Tropical Boost, Rainforest Renew, or Floral Relax.