What are the Health Benefits of Beginning Your Day with Yerba Mate Energy Drink

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Health and Nutrition | 0 comments

Yerba mate energy drinks are natural drinks that can be used to boost your energy, mental focus, and improve your immune system. Beginning your day with a Yerba mate energy drink is a great way to improve your health at the beginning and for the duration of the day.

In the fall the sun goes down earlier and rises later. The mood of people begins to change and dragging your body out of bed seems harder to do every day. The work hours may not have changed, and the routine may be the same, but the mornings somehow seem longer. Reaching for the pot of coffee becomes our motivation as the thought of it warms the body as our feet hit the cold floor and we crawl out of bed. We use it to stimulate our body as we try to convince ourselves we have energy to make it through the day. Yerba mate energy drink may be a better alternative to start your day.

Better Ingredients

Your cup of coffee may have flavor depending on the roast of the beans and any additives such as flavored creams, milk, or sugar. Yerba mate energy drinks are full of flavor from the fruits and superfoods that they are created with. Starting the morning with Lemon ginger, peach mango or Acai blueberry drinks not only tastes better but is a healthier choice. These energy drinks are produced with adaptogens, which are natural ingredients designed to bring your body back to homeostasis. Balancing your body gives you a centered feeling to start the day both physically and mentally.

Guarana is a superfood adaptogen in Yerba mate energy drinks that has shown to increase physical stimulus and brain power. Suma Root is another adaptogen found in these energy drinks. Suma root is known as the Brazilian Ginseng, and Ginseng is traditionally used to help with the digestive system and calm fluid in the stomach.  Coffee can increase the energy level with caffeine and sugar but there are withdrawal symptoms that can occur. Natural energy drinks offer increased energy that is safe and without the coffee jitters.

Caffeine in the Body

Cortisol is a natural hormone that is created in our bodies. It is a stimulant that is produced often in the morning to begin waking us up, it also is used to get through tasks of the day and in fight or flight situations. This hormone plays an anti-inflammatory role too. When you wake up moody this can be an indicator that your Cortisol levels may be off. Coffee contains caffeine that reacts with the Cortisol and causes spikes. Yerba mate energy drinks also contain some caffeine, but it is lower levels than the average cup of java and it is natural caffeine. The adaptogens in Yerba Mate can also calm the spikes of Cortisol your body produces in the morning.

Starting your day in a calm state and less natural stress from your body can help ensure that there is energy to get through the stress of the day.

Health Benefits

Yerba mate energy drinks have other health benefits from its natural ingredients. Yerba mate contains saponins which is a natural compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, there are also vitamins that are essential to the immune system. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc. Adding these natural ingredients will not only begin your morning with a healthy start but also will have lasting effects with a healthier immune system.

Listen to what people order for coffee at a local coffee shop and the steps that a barista has to complete in order to make someone’s favorite drink. During the fall pumpkin spice lattes are one of the most common drinks. There is 2% milked steamed and added to espresso, with four shots of pumpkin spice flavoring, finished with pumpkin spice topping and whipped cream. This delicious drink has 390 calories, 150 mg of caffeine and 50g of sugar. Start your day with Yerba mate energy drinks and there is zero sugar, zero calories and 80mg of caffeine. This is a healthier choice to start your day.

If the coffee shop is a must in your daily routine, select simpler drinks to reduce the amount of fats, sugars and calories you are consuming. You can even reduce the amount of espresso added to your specialty drinks. However, if you are looking to make some healthful changes, consider Yerba mate energy drinks as a heathy and tasty way to start your day.